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It is time to say goodbye to the menacing problems of mosquitoes. We bring to you an innovative mosquito repellent that every health conscious family should have at home. Mosquito repellents like mosquito liquid and coils release harmful chemicals into the air we breathe. Also modern day cots do not have polls at the corners to tie mosquito nets and usually spoil the walls with nails to do so. But with Comfort Net mosquito net, you can easily protect your family without wasting your time and the beautiful walls.

It is a folding mosquito net that can be easily used as a bed net during sleep either on the floor or the cot. Also washing a regular mosquito net is tedious, but comfort net is not just easily washable, it is also easily foldable and can be carried to any place. It acts like a natural mosquito repellent without the side effects of harmful chemical substances emanating from mosquito liquid vaporizers.


Good sleep equals great health: Scientific studies have shown repeatedly that a healthy, un-disturbed sleep results in a fresh morning and a productive day. Sleep deprivation is known to cause several ailments including Weight Gain / Loss, Memory Loss, Attention Deficit and even Diabetes. Thus mosquito control is extremely essential.

No Tying and Removing: A mosquito net is usually very clumsy and many a times you may feel lazy to not even tie it due to tiredness etc. And burning a mosquito repellent creates additional trouble. Comfort mosquito net is easy to set up either on the cot or on floor, takes almost no effort at all. No more dangling of the net above you. It’s an easily foldable mosquito net and hence can be stored anywhere.

Use anywhere: Being a push and pull device, it can be used on the cot or floor, indoors or outdoors, homes or hotels. Great for travel and adventure enthusiasts during trekking or expedition. It can act as a mosquito repellent wherever you go. It would be a great company for camping outside on the beach and enjoy a starry night!

Safe for Children: No side effects from the burns of mats or coils. Traditional mosquito repellents are not healthy for children. Comfort Net prevents skin cancer, asthma, sinus problems and lung problems.

Highly affordable: Price fits your pocket plus no additional expenditure on electricity. Unlike mosquito repellents, there is no recurring expenditure. Plus it is highly affordable. Call us to find out more about Comfort mosquito net now.

Good-bye to mosquitoes: Comfort Net is an excellent mosquito repellent without the side effects of traditional mosquito repellents like coils, mats, liquids.

Useful in hospitals: In burn centres in hospitals, using mosquito repellent becomes difficult. Plus protecting wounds from mosquitoes is very essential. A comfort mosquito net simply solves this complex problem.

Size of your choice: Be it a bed mosquito net or a baby mosquito net, all suitable sizes are available to fit every need of your family.

Color of your choice: Comfort mosquito net is available in various colors. Call us today to book the choice of your color and say good-bye to harmful mosquito repellents.

Enjoy a good read: Just relax and sit inside this mosquito net to enjoy a good read. No more buzzing of mosquitoes.

Highly affordable: Price fits your pocket plus no additional expenditure on electricity.

Comfort mosquito net is a unique and innovative mosquito repellent that has won the trust of customers for the last several years. Users of comfort mosquito net have stopped using mosquito repellents and experience a restful sleep every night. It's a mosquito repellent like no other.


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